Pat Bates – Making a Difference

Gas Prices and Inflation

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Public Safety

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Working together, protecting our economy and our environment

Climate change is real and I believe we must all work together to prepare ourselves for its effects while still preserving a high quality of life and economic opportunities for all Californians. When we work together, we can make progress.

I was pleased to support Assembly Bill 793 which mandates plastic beverage bottles must contain on average 50 percent recycled plastic by 2030. AB 793 had the support of the Sierra Club and Surfriders and shows what can be accomplished when Democrats and Republicans work together to protect our

environment and economy.

Leadership for Orange County Seniors

Supported unanimously by Republicans and Democrats in the Senate and Assembly, my Senate Bill 1342 will streamline services for Seniors. Under the current system, older adults are subjected to lengthy and redundant intake processes that require them to repeat their stories to each new provider. By authorizing counties to create a Multi-Disciplinary Team for older adults, aging service provider agencies can share information to holistically address the needs of this segment of the population. They will be able to develop coordinated case plans, improve service delivery, and provide support to caregivers.

Protecting our watersheds and natural resources

My Senate Bill 1224 allows the Wildlife Conservation Board to provide vital funding for restoration and conservation efforts to protect, restore, and enhance habitats for sensitive wildlife populations in watersheds in Southern Orange County. The bill moved through the Legislature with broad bipartisan support and is supported by a number of environmental organizations including the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Endangered Habitat League and the Save San Onofre Coalition.