Pat Bates moves to the November Ballot – easily the Top GOP Vote-Getter in 5th Supervisor District

Laguna Niguel, CA – – Senator Pat Bates will move on to the November ballot as the top Republican vote-getter in the 5th Supervisor District election after handily defeating two other registered Republicans. She will face Democrat Katrina Foley.

Significantly, the three Republican candidates received over 25,000 more votes than Democrat Foley.

“I want to thank the voters of the 5th District for the confidence they have placed in me. With these results they sent a clear message that they want common sense, pro-taxpayer representation on the Board of Supervisors,” said Bates. “It is now time for Republicans to unite and work together to make sure our County Board of Supervisors maintains its GOP majority.”

“As a mother and grandmother, I want to make sure future generations have the same opportunities we had to live, work and thrive in Orange County. It saddens me when families have to move away just to afford a decent home or when businesses leave for greener pastures.”

In 2006, Bates became the fourth woman to win the election to the Orange County Board of Supervisors. She served from 2007 to 2014 and worked to protect taxpayers and improve the county’s fiscal outlook; create business-friendly policies to attract jobs; maintain high levels of public safety; shorten the timeline for delivery of transportation projects; implement pension reforms; and protect the environment. In the Senate, Bates champions taxpayers by defending Proposition 13 (which limits property tax increases) from efforts to gut it and opposing unnecessary tax and fee increases. She is a strong supporter of law enforcement.

The Orange County Register endorsed Bates in April, saying she has “the most impressive resume among all the candidates” and citing her “thoughtfulness, graciousness and integrity.”